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We are an online platform that offers quality products depending on consumers preference, and deliver instantly, also offer market accessibility and secure payment system to vendors who would like to sell through the platform.


We monitor, store and deliver goods across Kenya.


Our Story

Beetuza Means Be – Empowered – Through – Uza (selling) We use Dung Beetle symbol means through gathering ideas, experience and potential to serve purpose that will serve now and future. Just as the dung beetle dung ball which is made of many things due to process and still serve the rest to lay eggs and secure the future generation.

‘‘ Through creating idea that will serve change the past, serve now and Future will secure the promise how the future will be. ’’– Beetuza Team.

Beetuza is an Online Mall and Distribution Company Operating under Beetuza Group Company.


Meet Our Team Leader.

“Being able to serve others through my passion, knowledge and experience in supplier and logistics is  by far one of the greatest to do in life. I believe Beetuza will serve local businesses to reach global market and promote local products to compete in global standard”

Mr. Raphael Mkoji.
Co-founder, CEO Head of Beetuza Online & Distribution

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